Top ClickBank Products: How To Select The Best One For Your Next Campaign?

Top ClickBank Products: How To Select The Best One For Next Campaign

Imagine that you are preparing dinner for your family.

How would you go about it?

Top ClickBank Products
Top ClickBank Products


  • You’d make a list.
  • Then go out and get the ingredients from the store.

You want to get top quality ingredients so that your dish tastes wonderful. The same rule applies while choosing top ClickBank products also.

If you can satisfy the needs of your audience with super products, they will trust you.

More importantly, they’ll keep buying more from you. And you’ll keep making more money.

How can you find top products from ClickBank?

Not very difficult. I’m going to show you the exact process to pick ClickBank products. I follow this process for my Clickbank affiliate campaigns.

Ready? Let’s start –


1. Pick a Category You Know Well
2. Find Top ClickBank Products Within Your Target Gravity Range
3. Select A Product That Has A Video Sales Page
4. Go For Products With Low Entry Price But Good Up-sells
4.1. Initial $/Sale
4.2. Average $/Sale
5. Choose Products That Provide Real Value To Your Followers

Pick a Category You Know Well

This is very important!

If you have a deep understanding of a category, you’d know what motivates the buyers of that category to buy.

ClickBank Categories

ClickBank products are sorted into many categories.  See the image above.

Say, you are passionate about Health & Fitness. Then you’d know that people looking to improve health and fitness generally look for –

  • Weight loss training,
  • Keto diet plan
  • Supplements etc.

With this knowledge, you can select products from ClickBank that fulfils these needs.

Find Top ClickBank Products Within Your Target Gravity Range

ClickBank products have a unique metric called Gravity.

Gravity means –

The number of other Clickbank affiliates have earned a commission by promoting the product in the past 12 weeks.

So, very high Gravity means that a lot of other affiliates are making money from it. And even higher number of affiliates are promoting this offer.

That indicates that it should be a top ClickBank product.

However, high gravity also means very high competition. Experienced ClickBank affiliates all promote high gravity products.

If you are a newbie affiliate marketer then you’d not be able to compete with veterans. Since they already have much more experience, connections with people and budget for promotion.

That is why you should select the best ClickBank products that are within your target Gravity range.

What should be your target gravity range?

  1. For beginners – Gravity between 30 to 80
  2. For intermediates – Gravity up to 150
  3. For experienced – No limit.
Clickbank Gravity Target range
Clickbank Gravity Target range

Select A Product That Has A Video Sales Page

According to this report by Forbes, 90% of users say that products videos help them more before buying.


If you can show a video guide during the decision-making process, your visitors have a better chance of buying your product.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to take all the hassles of creating a top-quality video yourself. (Although, you can do that if you have the time, budget or skills)


Just see if the vendor has a video sales page or not. Top ClickBank vendors nearly always provide ready-made video sales pages for affiliates.

Here is an example –

ClickBank Video Sales Page
ClickBank Video Sales Page

If they have, just grab the link and start sending traffic to it.

Go For Products With Low Entry Price But Good Up-sells

It is way easier to convert your subscribers into customers if you have a low ticket entry offer.

Let me explain this with an example –

Suppose, you are looking for a product in the weight loss niche. This is a very popular niche on ClickBank. There are many products to choose from.

But after applying the above filters, you’ll have a list of products that you can target.

The next step is to focus on two more metrics – Initial $/Sale and Average $/Sale.

Initial $/Sale

I recommend going for a product with below $50 initial sale. Like the offer below –

Just make your website visitors or email subscribers more comfortable to shell out the money initially.

Then look at the value below-

Average $/Sale

This metric shows the average number of dollars you’ll earn including all the up-sells of the offer.

Look at the offer below –

ClickBank Up-sells
ClickBank Up-sells

Here, the initial sale is only $10.52. But the average $/sale is $70.08. That is close to 700% more than the initial sale.

This high value comes from the up-sells of the offer that the vendor is running. Almost all the top Clickbank products have very high converting up-sells.

Choose Products That Provide Real Value To Your Followers

When you provide real value to your followers, they’ll stick with you.

More importantly, they’ll recommend you to their friends. That’ll help you build authority and expertise.

When selecting top ClickBank products, choose one that really solves the buyers’ problem. And also provides some additional/supplementary benefits. Don’t think about commissions now. If you can nail the product-market fit, your commissions will keep coming in.

Your goal is to provide at least as much value as the customer is expecting. And if possible, go above and beyond.


Selecting top products from ClickBank marketplace is just the first step.

Next step is to decide – how you should promote this product. That is what I’m going to show you in my next post.

Stay tuned!

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