ToolChoose Recommended: Tools That I Trust, Use and Recommend

Hello and welcome to ToolChoose Recommended!

One of the top lessons that I have learnt while working as a digital marketer is that it is very very difficult to get big success in any form of digital marketing if you don't have access to the right tools.

Whether you are doing -

  • Blogging.

  • Affiliate marketing.

  • Video marketing on YouTube etc.

  • Podcasting.

  • Online coaching / tutoring.

  • or anything else.

ToolChoose Recommended

- the story is the same.

Even when you are just starting, you need at least a good hosting, a security tool, a keyword research tool and an email marketing tool as a bare minimum for running your online business.

Now, good tools do cost money!

But, don't worry!

I started this website with the goal to help 1000 people to get at least $1000 revenue each from affiliate marketing before December 2020.

Naturally, most of my readers are either newbie solopreneurs or small teams with a very limited budget.

That's why I have carefully selected tools that are -

  1. Cheap.

  2. Reliable.

  3. Trustworthy.

  4. Great value for money.

- and created this (ToolChoose recommended) page with them.

The tools are divided in categories. Feel free to click the buttons below to jump to the category you want -

( Disclaimer - The links in this page may contain affiliate links. I might make some small commission if you buy the tools by clicking on these links. I'd like you to thank you for that and see it as your support for my work here on ToolChoose. )

ToolChoose Recommended Domain Registrar: Buy Cheap Domains

Both as a digital marketer at work and an affiliate marketer at home, I have to buy new domain names quite often.

I always use only and to purchase new domain names.

Namecheap is my top choice. They offer good low price and very solid DNS management features.

However, I also use Godaddy to buy new domains if I get a good deal there.

ToolChoose Recommended Hosting: WordPress & non-WordPress

You must be very careful while selecting the hosting provider for your websites.

Whether you are hosting a WordPress website or something else, a good hosting company must provide you the following 3 values -

  1. Blazing fast websites.

  2. Rock-solid security.

  3. 24x7 support.

These are the core features that you should look for. I trust the following hosting providers and recommend them to you as well.

For WordPress -

For multi-purpose hosting -

ToolChoose Recommended Training Courses

Online marketing is a super competitive field.

I started my career almost 3 years back. I have learnt the above fact first-hand during these 3 years.

The top 4 elements that have helped me achieve success are -

  1. Hunger for success.

  2. Ability to learn continuously.

  3. Good training and mentorship.

  4. Helpful community/co-workers.

If you have the above elements 1 & 2 in you, then I can show you 3 options where you'll get elements 3 & 4 -