How to use Clickbank Hoplinks Like A Pro To Make More Money

How to use Clickbank Hoplinks Like A Pro (To Make More Money From Every Campaign)

Everyday, many ‘wanna be’ affiliates join Clickbank hoping to make money quickly.

But most of them actually never make it.

how to use clickbank
How to use Clickbank hoplinks


Because, they don’t know how to use Clickbank hoplinks properly before launching their affiliate campaigns.

That is why I created this Clickbank series on –

So, without further ado, let’s start-

#1 How To Use Clickbank To Generate Your Hoplinks

  • To visit the Clickbank Marketplace from your dashboard,  click on the Marketplace link in the menu bar.

    Visit Clickbank Marketplace
    Visit Clickbank Marketplace
  • Click on the Favorites link in the left side bar. The products you had shortlisted before will appear in the middle column.
  • Find the product you are looking for in this list. Then click on the big red Promote button.
  • A new modal window will appear. You have to generate your unique hop link for the product here.
  • Enter your Clickbank account nickname in the top field. And click the Create button. You’ll see your unique hoplink has been created by Clickbank below.
  • If anybody clicks this link to visit the product page and then purchases the product, you’ll get the commission from Clickbank.
  • But wait! Before you copy the hop link, there’s a very important thing to do. See the next step below-


#2 Customize Your Clickbank Hoplink For Tracking

Look carefully at the Clickbank hoplink generation page-

Clickbank hoplink generation page

There’s another field below the nickname field. This field is used by pro affiliates for adding custom tracking ids to their hoplink. This field is optional, but very powerful.

How? Let me show you.

Let’s assume that you add your Clickbank hoplinks to-

  • One article on your blog.
  • In one PPC ads.
  • On some threads in Quora, Reddit and other discussion forums.

When you make some sales, how would you know which of the above generated these sales for you?

This is where tracking ids can help you.

If you could add something like – ‘blog’/ ‘PPC’/ ‘Forums’ etc. somewhere within the link, then you could easily say which sale has come from which platform.

This is exactly what the 2nd field on the hoplink generation page does.It adds custom parametes at the end of your hoplinks so that you can track them better.

You should always create seperate tracking ids by adding custom parameters to your hoplinks. See this short video below –

  • For posts on your blog. insert tracking id – blog1, blog2 etc.
  • For PPC ads, use tracking id – yt-ads/fb-ads/bing-ads etc.
  • For discussion forums use tracking id- quora/reddit/forum-1/forum-2 etc.

Then you’d able to identify which promotion channels are bringing in more sales. So that you can concentrate on those channels more and eliminate the rest.

#3 How To Use Clickbank Hoplink In Your Own Domain

Between the two links below, which one looks better?

which link looks better
Which link looks better
Link 2, na?
It is short, looks professional and is easy to remember as well. This is called link branding.
Bitly Study
Bitly Study About Effect Of Link Branding On CTR
There are several benefits for using branded links-
  • According to this study by Bitly, branded links get 34 % more clicks than non branded links.
  • Many advertizing platforms don’t allow affiliate links directly. But they allow branded links that redirect to affiliate offers after clicking them.
  • They also add a professional look to your links.

There are several tools for creating your branded links. Personally, I use Namecheap and JotURL. Namecheap for buying my branding domains. And JotURL for adding these branded domains to my affiliate links.

They are reliable, has tons of features and provides real value for money for every dollar spent. If you’re serious about your affiliate business, then I recommend you add them in your affiliate marketing toolkit.

I have divided the guide to create branded hoplinks into two parts below-

PART A : Add Your Branded Domains To JotURL

I’m explaining the steps within Namecheap and JotURL in this video below. I have also written the steps, just in case you prefer to read-

  1. Log into your JotURL dashboard –> Click on your profile icon at the top right corner of the page –> Click on Settings.
  2. On the Settings page, go to the Menu on left side bar –> Click on Domains.
  3. This is the page where you can add your custom domains into JotURL. There’s the link to the step by step guide. Click on it–>Then scroll down to find the specific instructions for
  4. Log into your Namecheap account–> Find the domain you want to add –> Click on the manage button.
  5. Check the name of the domain –> Then check if DNS servers are set to Namecheap Basic DNS –> Then click on the Advanced DNS tab–>Add the following 3 DNS records and click on the Green Tick ‘✔️’  button to Save the records.

    Set up JotURL DNS records in Namecheap
    Set up JotURL DNS records in Namecheap
  6. Now, open the JotURL Domain setting page again at Step 3 again. Click on the ‘Add New‘ button at the top right of the page.
  7. Type the correct domain name in the ‘Branded Domain‘ field and click Save.

Your branded domain in added into JotURL. Now the next step is to add this branded domain to your Clickbank hoplinks.

How? Read on.

PART 2: Create Your Branded Clickbank Hoplinks


  1. Copy your Clickbank hoplink along with the tracking information.
  2. Open JotURL Dashboard –> Click on ‘+ Tracking Link’ Button.
  3. Paste the Clickbank hoplink in the Destination URL field –> Click on the Domain field and select your own branded domain from the drop down list.
  4. Select or create a Project to organize your links better.
  5. Then click on the Save button.

#4 Add Re-targeting Pixels To Your Clickbank Hoplinks

Have you ever searched for some item and later found that you’re seeing ads for that item everywhere on the internet?

This is done by a marketing technique known as re-targeting/ re-marketing. It works like this –

When you visit a webpage that is optimized for re-targeting, the webpage adds a tiny bit of code into your web browser.  So that they can target you later with their ads.

You can use this technique to generate sales from visitors who did not buy at their first visit by including re-targeting pixels within your Clickbank hoplinks.

Setting up re-targeting is very easy within JotURL. Let me show you how to do it –

  1. After you clicked on the ‘Save and go to link options’ button above, you’ll be taken to a page where you can add re-targeting pixels to your links.
  2. Click on the Re-targeting Button on the page.
  3. Then click on the drop down menu to choose as many re-targeting pixels as you want.
  4. Finally, click on the ‘Save’ button and you are done.

#5 Pick/Create 2-3 Optimized Landing Pages And Test Them

Most of the top Clickbank products come with several ready-made landing pages.

These pages are optimized for-

  • higher conversions,
  • high loading spee,
  • and generally contains very good video and text sales pitches.

The vendors create them to help affiliates like you and me to get started quickly.

You can not be sure about which landing page will work well for you till you test them.

So, I recommend that you set up links for at least 2-3 of these landing pages in your campaign and test them.

When you make some sales, you’ll be able to identify which landing page is converting well for you. You can then drop the other pages and scale up your promotion for the top performing landing page.

#6 Create The Delivery Ad/Email

You are now in the final step for launching your affiliate campaign.

Here, you are going to prepare the content that will deliver your campaign to your audience.

It can can be a blog post, an email sequence or a PPC ad (on Google/ Facebook). Whatever, you should definitely include the following elements while creating the delivery content irrespective of the format of the content –

  • Create a headline that compels the reader to read/watch your content.
  • Use P-A-S (Problem – Agitate- Solution) type copy with 2-3 examples in your content or script ( for videos).
  • Create at least one video content. It can either be the delivery content or can support the delivery content with additional details.
  • Highlight the benefits of your offer by describing the problems your product can solve. Justify the price by comparing it against the value it offers.
  • If possible , add an psychological triggering elements like FOMO, exclusive access rights, social currency etc.

#7 Monitor, Optimize & Scale

Launching your campaign is not the end.

You need to monitor the performance of your links regularly. For example –

  • If blog posts are not getting much organic traffic from SEO, you should test search ads on Google, Bing or social media ads on Facebok, Twitter etc.
  • Find out the delivery channel (blog/ email/ social etc.) that is working well and focus your resources on that platform more.
  • Discover the Geo-locations where you get the most CTRs and concentrate your efforts in those locations.
  • Scale up your campaign for the traffic source, delivery channel, geo-locations etc. with more ads/ content and more budget.


Now you know how to use Clickbank hoplinks properly and add more powers to them. But only knowing them will not do any good.

Please try to implement them in your Clickbank campaigns. If you face any difficulty or need any help, just ping me. I’ll happy to help.


How did you like this article? Did you find the article helpful? Did I miss anything? Please let me know by commenting below.

See you soon!

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  1. Your post was written very good. I would go back over it with spellcheck and fix spelling errors and punctuation mistakes. Your video clips need sound. It makes them easier to follow.

    You taught me alot about clickbank. I’m an affiliate and want to learn more about how it works better. Overall the site loads fast. The content is good. It was a pleasent experience.

    1. I’m really glad that you liked the post and found it helpful, Brian.

      As for the videos, I recorded without audio since those were really short videos but I think I’d edit them add voice narration. Thanks for the suggestion!

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