Affiliate Marketing Products Checklist : 4 Points To Pick A Winner

Affiliate Marketing Products: How To Select The Best One For You?

Imagine that you are preparing dinner for your family.

How would you go about it?

  • Obviously, you’d make a list.
  • Then you’d go and get the best quality ingredients from the store.

You want good quality ingredients to ensure that your dish will taste wonderful. The same rule applies while choosing products for your affiliate marketing promotions.

If you can satisfy the needs of your audience with super products, they will trust you and recommend you to friends. More importantly, they’ll keep buying more from you. And you’ll keep making more money.

Even though most proven and established affiliate programs have become quite competitive, selecting super products is not a that difficult process.

Today I’m going to show you the exact process I follow for my promotions.

Ready? Let’s start –

Checklist For Affiliate Products
Checklist For Affiliate Products

#Checklist 1: Select a Vertical You Know Well

This is very important!

You must have a deep understanding of what are the problems that you want to solve with your product.

Let’s say, you have good knowledge about credit cards.

And you know that users generally look for –

  • starting credit limit,
  • interest-free days and
  • reward point ratio

– before applying for new credit cards.

With this knowledge, you can select good affiliate marketing programs for credit cards for your next campaign.

Your ads can be like this-

  1. [Never before offer] XYZ cards are offering up to $3000 limit for new sign-ups! Hurry!
  2. For a limited time, get up to 90 days to pay your XYZ credit card dues. Apply now!
  3. Get 10 reward points for every $10 spent on your XYZ card. Sign up today!

These are not kick-ass yet. I just knocked them off my head instantly. In real life cases, I spend 1-2 hours just for researching possible headlines for my next promotions.


Notice that these angles cater to the different demands of your audience. You can create these angles only if you know the pain points of them-

  • What keeps them up at night?
  • What would make them jump out of their couch?

And you can know them only if you know the vertical really well.

Next up is,

#Checklist 2: Digital or Physical Product?

Next step for you would be to decide the type of affiliate products you want to promote –

  1. Is it a physical product?
  2. Or is it some digital product – like software, e books, online courses, etc. ?

Why do you need to decide about this in advance?

Because depending on that you’d have to sign up for the applicable affiliate marketing program.

Some affiliate marketing programs offer only digital products. Clickbank is one such program.

On the other hand, some of them offer both physical and digital products. For example , Amazon associates can be a top choice for finding good physical as well as digital affiliate marketing products.

#Checlist 3:

Be Relevant With Your Affiliate Products

You can promote your affiliate products in many ways –

  • You can blog about it.
  • Send email to your list.
  • Post to Facebook groups
  • Quora answers
  • Reddit threads etc.

All of these are great sources to generate organic traffic to your affiliate offer page. However, you must only promote relevant products.

Take an example –

Suppose, you have just found a very active Facebook group of travelers. There are members from all over the world who are just passionate about anything travel.

Now, imagine you join this group and start promoting ‘The Amazingly Simple Keto Diet Plan For 35+’. What will happen?

You’ll never get any sale. Plus you’d probably be kicked out of the group by the mods.

What would have happened if you had promoted your offer in a fitness and weight loss group?

You would have, probably, made quite a few sales. You would have got some followers who like you too.

#Checklist 4:  Provide Real Value To Every Buyer

When you connect with your followers emotionally, it works both ways.

You get their support, loyalty, and affection. In return, they expect you to reciprocate the same.

This is your opportunity.

You must meet their expectation. And if possible, go above and beyond.

How can you do that?

By providing real value with your products.

When selecting an affiliate product, choose one that really solves the buyers’ problem. And also provides some additional/supplementary benefits.

Don’t think about commissions as the most important metric. If you can nail the product-market fit, your commissions will keep coming in.



These were the 4 points that you should remember while choosing affiliate marketing products for your promotions.

How did you like this post? Did you find it helpful while choosing a product for your next affiliate campaign? Please let me know by commenting below.

See you soon!

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