Affiliate Bots 2 Review : Can You Really Make $400+/ Day With This Tool?

Affiliate Bots 2.0 Review : Can You Really Make $400+/ Day With It?

    • Product Name : Affiliate Bots 2 Review
    • Description : Affiliate Bots 2 is a suite of 37 tools for affiliate marketers

      Affiliate Bots 2 review
      Affiliate Bots 2 review
    • Merchant/ Store : Clickbank
    • Vendor : Chris X
    • Price : $17.00

Affiliate Bots 2 is one of the hottest products in the Clickbank marketplace.

It is a suite of A.I based tools that are specifically designed to help affiliate marketers during every step of their affiliate campaigns –

Discovering top selling products.Creating quick videos and/or webpages for creating sales funnels.Creating website widgets that boost visitor engagement and conversion.
…and many more for only $17 one time price!

Does it really work?

I decided to buy a copy of the software to see for myself.

Here’s my honest Affiliate Bots 2 review after using it for more than 2 weeks –

Affiliate Bots 2 : What is it?

Affiliate Bots 2 is a suite of many software, videos, PDF guides etc. that are suitable for affiliate marketers.

The creator of Affiliate Bots is Chris X.

He claims that he is an affiliate marketer himself. And he created all the tools inside the Affiliate Bots 2.0 suite for his own campaigns.

He also claims that Affiliate Bots have helped him to make $400+/ day.

Honestly, that is a BIG claim –

Chris X earnings
Chris X earnings

Chris X has shared the above screenshot to prove this claim.

Still, I needed more information before writing my review of the Affiliate Bots 2.

So, I decided to dig deeper and purchased a copy of the tool-

(I saved 30% and paid only $12 to buy my copy. I’ve explained how you too can avail this discount at the end of this review article.)

2 emails after buyinag Affiliate Bots
2 emails after buying Affiliate Bots

Immediately after purchasing Affiliate Bots 2, I got 3 emails –

The 1st email was from Clickbank with my purchase receipt. 2nd and 3rd email were from Affiliate Bots with my the login details and an upgrade offer to PRO version which I ignored.

Here are some of the tools that I tested inside the Affiliate Bots 2 suite –

  • Launch Pulse – Discover daily product launches on Clickbank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus.
  • CB 250 – Find top 250 offers from Clickbank marketplace.
  • Warrior 50 – Find top 50 offers from WarriorPlus.King of the Zoo – Find top offers from JVZoo.
  • A.I Traffic search engine– Find free traffic opportunities.
  • Web widgets – increases conversions on your website.
  • One Click Affiliate – website copy generator script.
  • Rapid-Video-Creator – creates videos from slides / images.
  • Affiliate Ads 2.0 – rotating banner ad generator for Clickbank offers.
  • 1 Click Video Pages – creates video sales pages and landing pages from templates.
  • Flip DB Tool – searches Flippa database for established sites on your niche.
  • Domain Aveli – generates available domain names from given keywords.
  • Drop Aveli – finds dropped / expired domain names.
  • Hosting Bot – lists many hosting affiliate offers filtered by commission, cookie days etc.
  • IM Affiliate Bots – lists 20 affiliate offers that has generated most commissions in 2019.
  • Resell DB Software – Lists PLR resource websites for ebooks, videos etc.
  • Auto Mailer Software – sends auto emails to your subscribers.
  • Training Videos – for all the different tools inside Affiliate Bots 2.0 .
  • Quick Start Guide – A 35 page PDF guide.

There are many more tools like Niche Money Bots, A.I Designer, JV Valley, Local Biz Generator, Logo maker etc. that are included in the PRO version ($27 monthly).

Affiliate Bots 2 Review: Most Useful Tools

Honestly, I did not have much expectations from this $12 tool.

But I was surprised after testing it.

True, it did not beat market leading tools like SEMRush / Optinmonster / Leadpages etc. Yet, the videos, landing pages or web widgets generated by the tool were impressive.

I have always recommended 3 steps for launching any affiliate marketing campaign –

  1. Step 1 – Finding good products in your niche.
  2. Step 2 – Deciding how you’re going to promote the product.
  3. Step 3 – Launching, optimizing and scaling your campaigns.

Surprisingly, Affiliate bots 2.0 gives you the tools to finish steps 1 and 2 very fast and at a very low cost.

For step 1, you can use any of the 5 tools – Launch Pulse, IM Affiliate Bots, Warrior 50, CB 250 and King of the Zoo to discover top products in your niche from Clickbank, JVZoo, and WarriorPlus within seconds.

cb 250

The tools for doing step 2 are –

#1. Domain Aveli + Drop Aveli

Use Domain Aveli or Drop Aveli to find new or expired domain names that has your keyword in it.

domain aveli
domain aveli

#2. Rapid Video Creator + 1 Click Affiliate + 1 Click Video Sales Page

Find out 3-5 main features of the product you are promoting. Then some create slides describing how these features will benefit a customer to solve his problems.

Use the Rapid Video Creator software to create a video for your product.

rapid video creator
rapid video creator

Then use the 1 Click Affiliate tool to generate some sales copy for your sales page.

A word of caution here!

While this tool generates okay-okay type copy for your sales page, I recommend that you use this script just as guidelines and create your own copy for your sales page. You should also edit this copy for grammatical mistakes.

copy generated by 1 click affiliate script
copy generated by 1 click affiliate script

Finally, use the 1 Click Video Sales page to create your sales landing page.

1 click video sales page creator
1 click video sales page creator

You can host your sales videos in YouTube and your sales page on your own domain. Then generate traffic to them using SEO or PPC ads and earn your commission when someone buys your product.

Affiliate Bots 2 Review: Other Useful Tools

#1. A.I Search Engine

Chris X recommends to use the Keyword Titan and A.I Search tool inside affiliate Bots for generating traffic to your sales page.

I could not test the Keyword Titan tool since it was not available in my subscription. But I tested the A.I Search engine and it did not excite me.


It would be unfair to compare a $12 suite of multi-tools with a $49 – $99 / month dedicated SEO/ PPC traffic tool.

But I always recommend that you use the following tools for doing your keyword research and analyzing your competition-

  • If you can spend $99 per month then blindly go with SEMrush.
  • If you are looking for a cheaper option, then go for Jaaxy.
  • If you want a free tool, use Ubersuggest by Neil Patel.

#2. Affiliate Ads 2.0

I’m not a fan of banner ads.


Because, they distract your visitors from enjoying your main content. They also have very low conversion rates.

I don’t want to throw distracting banners in front of my visiors on . That is why I did not try the Affiliate Ads 2.0 tool to create rotating banners for


I tested the tool and it worked well. You can certainly use it to generate banners for your website if you want.

#3. Hosting Bots

This tool provides you with a list of many available hosting affiliate offers that you can promote.

hosting bot
hosting bot

I am very picky when choosing hosting provider for my websites. And, I only recommend them to my readers.

I currently use only 2 hosting providers for all my personal websites and the websites for the clients of our agency –

  • A2 Hosting – for hosting low to medium traffic narrow niche websites.
  • WP Engine – for high traffic websites.

This is why I did not use Hosting Bots to find out any of the available hosting affiliate offers.

However, you can certainly use it to find out hosting offers that you want to promote.

#4. Flip DB, Resell DB and Auto Mailer

Flip DB is a tool that you can use to find existing high traffic websites in your niche.

Then you can ask for a partnership / joint promotion where you’ll promote their links and they’ll promote your links. That way you can bring in more traffic to your website / sales page.

Resel DB is a database of PLR ebooks, videos providers etc. that you can use to create your bonus offers.

Auto Mailer is a basic auto-responder email software that you can host on your own server. It sends automatic emails to your subscribers. Honestly, I did not try this at all since I’m very happy with Sendgrid and Engagebay.

I also recommend that you select a well established email service provider like Sendgrid for your email marketing system.

Verdict : Enough Value For Money For Just $12

Is Affiliate Bots 2 a total scam?


Does it do it’s job well?

Somewhat. (It will be unfair to expect category beating results from a $12 tool.)

Should you buy it?

Instead of giving a straight ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, I’d prefer that you ask yourself 3 questions –

  1. Are you just starting your affiliate marketing journey?
  2. Do you want to focus on Clickbank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus products?
  3. Are you on a tight budget?

If your honest answers to the above questions are ‘Yes’, then you should definitely go ahead and buy Affiliate Bots 2.0

How To Get Affiliate Bots 2 For $12 ?

  • Visit the Afiiliate Bots 2.0 sales page by clicking this link.
  • Wait for the webpage to load completely. Then move your mouse towards the X button as if to close the tab.When your mouse leaves the browser window, a new pop up window will appear.
  • There will be a button to claim your $5 discount for the Affiliate Bots 2.0.
avail affiliate bots discount
avail affiliate bots discount
Affiliate Bots 2 Review: Conclusion
  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Value for money
  • Support

Recommended For New Affiliate Marketers

If you are just starting your affiliate marketing career, then Affiliate Bots 2 provides enough value for money for just $12 price.

The tools are suitable for promoting Clickbank/ JVZoo/ WarriorPlus products. You can use the tools to quickly create affiliate funnels for promoting the products on channels like YouTube / own blog etc.

Use it to earn enough money so that you can avail more capable tools with that money.

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