About ToolChoose : Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners

About ToolChoose

Hello & Welcome to ToolChoose.com!

Do you belong to any these groups –

  • Young student in need of some extra cash?
  • Stay-at-home mom looking for a home based job?
  • A retired armed forces veteran looking to start a business?
  • Unable to get out of home ( due to illness, disability etc.) but want to make money from home?


Then I suggest that you try affiliate marketing. For the last 20 years, affiliate marketing has been one of the best alternatives to a regular day job.

Actually, I think affiliate marketing is even better than a day job. Why?

Because –

  1. You are your own boss. You can work as much or as little you want.
  2. There’s no limit to how much you can earn. Your income = Your efforts + Your experience.
  3. You income is location independent. You can travel and live anywhere that has an internet connection. That’s it!

How does ToolChoose.com relate to affiliate marketing ?

I have started this website to apply my digital marketing skills in the affiliate marketing niche. I have set two goals for this website. I’ll come to that soon!

But before that,

A Few Words About Me

I am Kamelia B.

About Me I’m from India and I’m a digital marketer by profession ( and also a proud wife at home ).

Every day, I have to balance my work and home.

Honestly, it’s not easy!  I often feel like I don’t even have enough time to take a deep breath. 😡

A few months back, I started looking for ways to supplement the income from my day job. So that I could become independent of it.

I had the following options –

  1. Start my own agency.
  2. Freelancing as a digital marketing consultant.
  3. Join some online or offline training institute as a digital marketing coach.
  4. Launch my own blog / YouTube channel etc.

In the end, I went for option 4 and started this website about affiliate marketing. It is a new challenge for me.

I have set the following targets for myself about ToolChoose –

  1. Through ToolChoose, I want to help at least 1000 people like you to earn your first Dollar from affiliate commissions before January’ 2021.
  2. For myself I want to start generating $100/day from ToolChoose before 1st January’ 2021.

The Best Way To Use ToolChoose.com


Do this first –

  • Step 1 : Sign up for my emails here. I only send 1 email every week to my subscribers. But it is full of action items that they should do in the next 7 days.
  • Step 2 : What targets you are going to set for yourself ? Declare it publicly by commenting below.

Done ?

Next, here are some articles that will help you get started –

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